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Bar after a hundred years of development, in the United States and constantly upgrade and variation, gradually introduced to Europe and the United States, however, until the last century in 90s was introduced to china xiamen massage. Since the reform and opening up in 80s, China has opened a new historical picture scroll, the heart of the Chinese people have been depressed for a long time can be bold to try the foreign culture, the bar is now quietly came to our side. Early in the 1980s after the reform and opening up, foreign investment and joint venture hotel began in China large-scale development, at that time in China, some far sighted people, seems to anticipate the future xiamen escort service prospects of the bar, try running the bar, even bound to give up their inheritance, bitter heart operation for many years, restaurants and pubs transformation into a bar.
Bar business is an industry, unlike the import of goods can be used on the. After China’s feudalism and semi feudal and semi colonial period. However, there is no xiamen massage girls experience the transition of capitalism but directly established a socialist state, bar is simply the product of the capitalist countries, and the need for people to continuously improve to run, so when people are interested in dealing with the industry often encounter the problem is: first, do not understand business, namely the culture of western xiamen massage parlor countries greatly understanding; secondly, due to the restricted conditions, western countries bar popular some activities and games or performing in China was taboo; again, Chinese liquor of different to the understanding and need to a familiar with the process.


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