IOT prosperity and change summit forum

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IOT prosperity and change summit forum

If there is any technology that will change our lives in a subversive way, that is the Internet of things technology. Yesterday morning, sharing economy era IOT prosperity and change summit forum held in Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, from academic experts and industry practitioners gather together, share the insights for the development of China’s Internet industry. Forum by the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of letters, the Xiamen Municipal Association of things, such as the association organized.
The introduction of technology and innovation at the same time to digest
Forum pointed out that the first echelon of the world’s information industry is the United States, Germany, the second echelon of Japan, South Korea, China has not entered the second echelon. The goal of China’s information industry in 2025 to reach the level of the world’s second echelon. The development of information industry relies more on people’s intelligence, China’s information industry has a lot of room for innovation. Since the United States, Germany, the leading information industry in China, can not directly introduce foreign technology?
“There is no use for the introduction of light.” Forum, Chinese Academy of engineering, said Ni Guangnan, the real core technology is not to buy, the introduction of technology at the same time to emphasize the digestion and absorption and re innovation. He said that the introduction and innovation of the relationship, from Lenovo and HUAWEI are evident in the strategic adjustment of these years. Lenovo is the first ten years of the “independent innovation”, HUAWEI is the introduction of imitation”. This phase Lenovo win, Lenovo’s sales in 1995 is 5 times the size of HUAWEI. Later changes occur, Lenovo reinvented, invested more than $7 billion to engage in large-scale mergers and acquisitions, will be the introduction of imitation to achieve the ultimate; while Huawei to independent R & D exchange as a symbol, from the agent of foreign products to independent research and development, investment in R & D and R & D team building, to apply for a patent and so on has reached the level of the top enterprises in the developed countries, this stage Huawei’s performance is much better than that of Lenovo.
Ni Guangnan said that comprehensive comparison of Huawei and Lenovo’s two stages, the first stage of Lenovo’s “and” better than “the DTI technique” of Huawei; the second stage Association gave up innovation, Huawei’s “and” than Lenovo’s business, industry and technology “, and finally found the still rely on independent innovation. Science and technology innovation capability is the core competitiveness of high-tech enterprises, the evaluation of enterprise innovation capability can be R & D investment, technology team, intellectual property and brand value of four aspects as the standard. If the direction of the independent innovation in this direction, the goal of China’s science and technology power can be achieved.
Wisdom of the city’s energy-saving emission reduction will become the main line
At present, the change in the Internet of things makes a person dazzling, we should focus to where? Forum, the Ministry of industry and Information Technology Development Research Center Chief Engineer Guo Yuansheng believes that the wisdom of the city and the energy conservation and emission reduction will be the two main line of the development of the Internet of things. He said, for the industry, no matter how the use of all technology, the ultimate goal is to reduce energy consumption, the cost down, to improve efficiency, so energy-saving emission reduction is the focus of the field can be. The wisdom of the city is through a series of means, and finally let people feel the wisdom of living environment, feel the escort xiamen information technology, which will also change people’s real life.
Networking scholar Wang Zhiliang pointed out that the two driving force to promote the gradual formation of the wisdom of the city, a is in networking, cloud computing, mobile Internet as the representative of a new generation of information technology, another is open under the environment of knowledge society gradually nurture of urban innovation ecosystem. He believes that the Internet of things, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, intelligent algorithms, is the future of every enterprise to understand and apply the depth. So, what is the challenge of the current xiamen massage agency development of the Internet of things? Wang Zhiliang, mainly in two aspects: the first is the core technology and high-end products with the international advanced level gap, high-end integrated service ability is weak, less leading enterprises; the second is to deal with good market and government, global and local, innovation and cooperation, development and security and so on four aspects of the relationship. With the advent of the 5G era, the Internet of things technology will have a strong technical support.