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Play in Xiamen

This May. You will meet the one is more suitable to play Xiamen: colorful tourism new products, new line hot launch, domestic and international attention to the “Xiamen 24 new king” shocking debut, there will be a large number of scenic spots, hotels to send out big concessions, great discounts.
Yesterday afternoon, Xiamen Fujian fresh beautiful 2016 China tourism theme day activities officially started, from May onwards, Xiamen attractions, hotels, travel agencies will launch a variety of incentives, quality products, to encourage the public to participate in tourism activities, improve the quality of life. Multiple welfare delivery of national tourism attraction
The Chinese tourism theme activities to “Xiamen massage Xiamen swim” as the theme, to the Xiamen people prepared a lot of benefits: new development of tourism products and line will be to the majority of the people of Xiamen launched, such as one day tour, day tour, day tour, rural tourism and industrial tour, dozens of the city’s attractions, hotels, travel agencies and other tourism enterprises will also avoid tickets or discount in the form is sent to the public and tourists, the preferential.
“Xiamen Xiamen swim” is the theme of the event, launched preferential purpose, is to let more people to tourists experience to Xiamen tourism new change and share the new achievements of tourism in Xiamen, Xiamen City Tourism Bureau deputy director Zhang Guoliang said. Vice mayor to take the lead in promoting low-carbon Tourism
Haicang lake lake beautiful scenery, riders are a beautiful landscape. To start the ceremony, vice mayor nichao lead of 60 participants, dress uniform, to reorganize the volley, riding a new public bicycle, Haicang Lake cycling around, along the way enjoy the beautiful Xiamen leisure charm and fun of riding.
Riding a participant said that riding is a healthy lifestyle and travel mode, both close to nature, but also can reduce air pollution, is a personal contribution to the protection of the earth’s ecological environment a little power. They choose in China tourism day group rides, is the practical action to promote green travel, appealed to the public love to travel and to enhance the awareness of leisure tourism, protect Xiamen escort blue, keep the air fresh, let civilized Xiamen continuous civilization. Promotion Ambassador to the global promotion of Xiamen
The beauty of Xiamen is not only the wealth of the people of Xiamen, but also the world’s attention. From Germany, France, Belgium, Argentina, Turkey, Ethiopia and other countries of the “Xiamen Tourism Promotion Ambassador” also appeared in the event, to promote the Xiamen tourism, show the charm of Xiamen. These different nationalities, different color promotion ambassadors, mostly in Xiamen life, work, deep feelings of the city.