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1. Can i pay in Dollars?

Sure, most currencies are ok for us, we accept dollars,EUR,etc. but cash only.

2. If i don’t like the girl, can i send her back?

Sure, you can send her back but you must pay for the TAXI FARE.

3. how long will the girl arrive?

usually, our girl needs 30-40 minutes to come to a hotel in citydown, but it up to the traffice too.

4. Can i get some discount from you?

Sorry, plz know that Lily escort in xiamen agency is the famous one at Shanghai. We offer high class massage girl and service with this price, we have set prices on site around 10 years.

5. Couples are ok for your girls too?

Yes, we offer such service.

6. Do you girl do anal too?

We have such girls can do anal service, but very few. So plz make a reservation in advance, or make a call to us to confirm.

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About us


Bar after a hundred years of development, in the United States and constantly upgrade and variation, gradually introduced to Europe and the United States, however, until the last century in 90s was introduced to china xiamen massage. Since the reform and opening up in 80s, China has opened a new historical picture scroll, the heart of the Chinese people have been depressed for a long time can be bold to try the foreign culture, the bar is now quietly came to our side. Early in the 1980s after the reform and opening up, foreign investment and joint venture hotel began in China large-scale development, at that time in China, some far sighted people, seems to anticipate the future xiamen escort service prospects of the bar, try running the bar, even bound to give up their inheritance, bitter heart operation for many years, restaurants and pubs transformation into a bar.
Bar business is an industry, unlike the import of goods can be used on the. After China’s feudalism and semi feudal and semi colonial period. However, there is no xiamen massage girls experience the transition of capitalism but directly established a socialist state, bar is simply the product of the capitalist countries, and the need for people to continuously improve to run, so when people are interested in dealing with the industry often encounter the problem is: first, do not understand business, namely the culture of western xiamen massage parlor countries greatly understanding; secondly, due to the restricted conditions, western countries bar popular some activities and games or performing in China was taboo; again, Chinese liquor of different to the understanding and need to a familiar with the process.


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Clown fish breeding base

Xiamen became the third clown fish scale artificial breeding and seed production base, breed 5 clown fish varieties
Tens of thousands of the clown fish Nemo home in Xiamen!
The past few days. “Finding Nemo 2” aggressively, and 13 years ago “Finding Nemo 1” popular in the global star clown fish Nemo and his father Marin brought to the front of everyone. Popular clown fish color with dazzling series of films, let it become a hot favourite fish game player.
However, trapping the clown fish can be said to be a ecological destruction, because clown fish like coral reefs in the installation, humans often will be highly qinghuajia scattered on the coral reef, to let the clown fish out of their holes facilitate capture. How to avoid such a situation, but also to make the clown fish have the opportunity to become a pet at home? Three years ago, funded by the research center of Southern Ocean in Xiamen, Xiamen University of ocean and earth science, Professor Liu and his research team) and Xiamen City Ocean and fishery of the Xiamen Haiyi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. jointly, to carry out the “marine ornamental fish and shrimp breeding technology mode of construction and scale production” project. At present, the project will be the examination and acceptance, Xiamen has thus become after Guangzhou, Sanya, the three clown fish scale of artificial propagation and seed production base, and cultivate new strains of clown fish.
Below, we will listen to the story about its “family history”, and how it came from tropical to subtropical Xiamen “settled”.
Live in Xiamen
Three years to come to Xiamen experts carefully cultivated
Enter the Chinese market of marine ornamental fish, mostly from Southeast asia.
We love the clown fish and coral reefs in the installation, it is doomed to tragedy when we arrested. Timid, we in the crevice of the coral reef safe head and human to entice us out of the hole, actually will be highly qinghuajia scattered on the coral reef! Coral is doomed. We don’t want to this die of asphyxia feeling from the gills of radiation to the whole body, we strive to swim out of hiding places, eager to break the siege to find a seat clean water for air. At this time, a net to capture, then we wander, go all around the world. Enter the ornamental fish market, we are favored; but to buy our master found, we almost always listless appearance and soon died. This is potassium cyanide poisoning and tiring “sequela”.
My head is strong, all the way over, three years ago, was taken away from the buyers in Xiamen. I heard they are college of marine and earth of Xiamen University and Xiamen City Ocean and Fishery Research Institute of the experts, devoted to the study of how to make the clown fish live in Xiamen and thrive, the cruel means of wild caught clown fish disappeared, I feel very honored. And I together “selected” the clown fish speak there are thousands of, like me looking logo, bright colors, strong body, to eventually become broodstock, two pro with fish into a “model husband and wife”, began to breed.
We have a high mortality rate of wild caught, and we have been carefully cultivated by experts, and our mortality rate has been reduced by at least half. Adequate palatability of food, suitable temperature and water quality, in Xiamen city life for each model couple a month can be output 500 to 800 eggs!
Now, we have settled in Xiamen in three at the base, where I base is Xiamen ocean and fishery research institute. As far as I know, the three bases in Xiamen massage can have at least several thousand of the clown fish bred by the end of the month!
Love and get married
Pay attention to love at first sight to comply with a husband and a wife
Artificial breeding clown fish, was recognized as the industry’s problems. Experts always have a way, let us find a suitable partner.
We clown fish, for humans is a very “magical” fish. We were born, the concept of gender is fuzzy. After about a year, we continued to development, the emergence of “sexuality” — this time, we have become the “young man”.
Everyone is a man, how is this done? Experts began to organize our blind date, introduced a female friend to us. These female friends are the female clown fish in the process of nurturing the experts. Put a pot of warm water cylinder, this is our “bridal chamber” in the future, spawning the “delivery room” is also here. We also pay attention to love at first sight, meet a few hours in if there is a fight, it shows that our sub character; if we affectionately rub, “see eye to eye”. This is me, I met the head than the other half”.
In the natural environment, we abide by the “one husband and one wife” system, with the children to live. Accidents often, if the mother died, the father will begin to degeneration, and the child is the biggest one, then become a “father””.
But you know? The clown fish parents with children live, and these children are not own — because we from fertilized eggs to hatch out, with the current drift, for their own survival in the sea; first sexual development, we will find the coral reefs surrounding the “settled”, usually join a new family, and become one of its children. Of course, we are waiting for the opportunity, once the “parents” one of the accidents, there is the opportunity to “host”; or we grow large enough, can be separated from the family, looking for their partner.

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Further friendship between Xiamen and Nice

In order to further deepen the friendship and exchange between Xiamen and nice two cities, and promote common prosperity and development of the two cities, June 7th, Xiamen – nice economic and trade tourism investment will be held in Xiamen. Wei Jie Fu, Consul General of France in Guangzhou, nice, Rudy? Sal vice mayor, Christian? Duoertuo vice mayor, nice Tourist Bureau Dennis? Director of Charon and the Xiamen municipal government alien office director of the Li Xiaoping, Xiamen City Tourism Bureau Yang Qi director and Sino French entrepreneurs on behalf of, media reporters, more than 100 people attended the meeting.
This note will be invited from the wisdom of urban construction, cross-border electricity, environmental protection, tourism, import and export enterprises in the field, hope that through face to face communication, open up wider channels of cooperation, the economic and trade cooperation between the two places stronger and richer. That meeting, Xiamen Municipal Bureau of tourism and nice city tourism bureau also signed a memorandum of cooperation, in the future, the two sides will recommend mutual festival activities with local characteristics, such as Xiamen Mid Autumn Festival Tourism Carnival and a nice carnival. Xiamen City Tourism Bureau Yang Qi director and nice city tourism bureau Dennis? Charon director shook hands, indicating that the nice, Xiamen City in the future in tourism will further deepen exchanges and cooperation. It is reported that on June 6, in nice, France Vice Mayor Rudy? Sal on behalf of the French government and Hengyi Group signed licensing agreements, Hengyi group become nice Carnival of Xiamen partners, which xiamen massage marks the nice national tourism projects — Nepal during Carnival next year is expected to landing in Xiamen, Xiamen citizens can participate in world-class Carnival in the doorway, feel close to nice and the French charm.
Xiamen and nice in 2014 officially concluded for international friendship city, two cities in economy, trade, culture and tourism have very good communication, by 2015, the city received the French to Xiamen tourists reached 19961 passengers, an increase of 11.86%

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Purification of Xiamen tourism market

Purification of the tourism market, can not just stare at bad guide, but also let the initiator of bad travel agency also feel that the risk of “red card” Rimmon.
In many places began to pilot a record list of uncivilized behavior of tourists, more than tourists on the black list, the first to enter the National Tourism Administration, black list of the tour guide also appeared.
According to media reports, Sichuan, a tour guide because induced tourists shopping, kickbacks and punished, not only be punished by fines and withheld tour card, the bad information has also been included in the Sichuan tourism business service bad information exposure, and become a “black list” of the National Tourism Administration of the first guide.
For the tour guide and confiscated money can earn it back. The temporary tour guide certificate can also pass the examination once again to get, but hang in the “black lists” of the experience, I’m afraid in the future work life, unable to wash white. A tourist guide who had induced fraud and was publicized, how to continue their career? Results or can be expected.
We are fortunate that the tour guide team to be purified at the same time, another problem is also placed in the face: Tourism fraud repeated, tourist disputes occur frequently, is it just a tourist guide? Standard Guide is temporary or permanent?
In recent years, around the discussion of tourism consumption in our country has a lot of, everyone’s point of view of the relatively consistent tourism market not standard and the vicious competition, leading to rampant low-cost group, while the visitors some of the lack of ability to identify some petty, before finally when tour guide. There is an old saying that the beam is not straight, the lower beam distortion, although the tour guide is the final executor of fraud in the inducement behaviors, but Dao is behind all travel agency ghost.
Therefore, the purification of the tourism market, to safeguard the interests of tourists, the key also have to start from the agency. The tour price squeeze the living space, let the poor travel agency operating down, so as to cut off the power to the tourists.
So, what new way to fight bad travel xiamen massage agency? The answer to this question, perhaps Sichuan can learn from this “red light to guide”.
For example, the travel agency’s “black list” can not pull longer? “Pull black” measures can be more severe? For some long in the back of the travel agents to manipulate the travel induced fraud, can not revoke the license and even the legal responsibility of the parties? When bad travel agency as tour guides, faced with career development in the future is bright red card “risk, will have fear.
As long as the spirit of “red card” should be a light in the end principle, believe that regulators will gradually clean tourism market.

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1801 Club in Xiamen

To Xiamen travel, what plays the “stimulus”? During the day in roads full of artistic alley spend lots of time at night do in front of the long night sky installed the highest force grid? 1801Club determined to say no! The night belongs to quiet and lonely, the night is “dry” and crazy, if you want to experience the most authentic Xiamen nightlife, 1801 bar in the darkness and devout waiting, wine, music, atmosphere, let your soul, drunk the night!
Art makes value, value shows grade
Xiamen 1801Club, Xiamen’s most professional bar operators, as the leader of the night life in Xiamen, it will be the trend of music and bar culture, cast a unique Xiamen night culture.
Since 2013 after the upgrade 1801Club, always adhering to the “taste, art, sincere, professional” brand philosophy, the extraordinary taste and perfect details present values as the core value of brand, is committed to build China’s most cultural taste of the boutique mainstream nightclubs, leading the quality of night life and entertainment.
If you think Xiamen’s night is quiet, then you must not be in the forefront of the city, to experience, to feel its every inch of texture. As the spokesman of the Xiamen massage health nightlife, 1801Club always depending on the interests of consumers first, and to their own, to enhance the quality of the bar and personally. In the performance space, and industry veteran designer hand. Original post modernist style; in music expression, and a number of powerful extraordinary singing partner, with a song of beautiful music, plump and rendering of Xiamen in the night; in the wine, strict selection of domestic and foreign excellent good wine, to eliminate counterfeit, always with 1801Club unique quality.
In good faith to win the trust, professional build benchmark
Many people are familiar with the 1801Club of Xiamen because of its music.
Instead of saying that the 1801Club is running a wine, it is better to say that it runs the music. All the people who have been to 1801Club will be infatuated with it. And attract the eye, it is more attention to attract the soul. Here, or dance, or sing, they love sincerely share beautiful voice with you. First to impress others, 1801Club music people uphold this, they are like a part of the crowd, in the most natural way to express music, and you resonate.
1801Club every staff, are sincere. Industrious but indefatigable cleaning, loyal guard, ready to pass you warm smile of welcome, or elegant dress bartender. Here, no stranger to, only returning to the familiar and moved.
Night, is lonely. Fortunately, there are a lot of good sound company, these sounds are invisible, but the sentence into the heart, heart moving. Different music, let different people have the same feelings and feel adorable. This is the magic power of music, this is the charm of Xiamen 1801Club. Let with a “dry” heart of the heart of us, in the midsummer night, encounter the cool Xiamen 1801Club!

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