1801 Club in Xiamen

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1801 Club in Xiamen

To Xiamen travel, what plays the “stimulus”? During the day in roads full of artistic alley spend lots of time at night do in front of the long night sky installed the highest force grid? 1801Club determined to say no! The night belongs to quiet and lonely, the night is “dry” and crazy, if you want to experience the most authentic Xiamen nightlife, 1801 bar in the darkness and devout waiting, wine, music, atmosphere, let your soul, drunk the night!
Art makes value, value shows grade
Xiamen 1801Club, Xiamen’s most professional bar operators, as the leader of the night life in Xiamen, it will be the trend of music and bar culture, cast a unique Xiamen night culture.
Since 2013 after the upgrade 1801Club, always adhering to the “taste, art, sincere, professional” brand philosophy, the extraordinary taste and perfect details present values as the core value of brand, is committed to build China’s most cultural taste of the boutique mainstream nightclubs, leading the quality of night life and entertainment.
If you think Xiamen’s night is quiet, then you must not be in the forefront of the city, to experience, to feel its every inch of texture. As the spokesman of the Xiamen massage health nightlife, 1801Club always depending on the interests of consumers first, and to their own, to enhance the quality of the bar and personally. In the performance space, and industry veteran designer hand. Original post modernist style; in music expression, and a number of powerful extraordinary singing partner, with a song of beautiful music, plump and rendering of Xiamen in the night; in the wine, strict selection of domestic and foreign excellent good wine, to eliminate counterfeit, always with 1801Club unique quality.
In good faith to win the trust, professional build benchmark
Many people are familiar with the 1801Club of Xiamen because of its music.
Instead of saying that the 1801Club is running a wine, it is better to say that it runs the music. All the people who have been to 1801Club will be infatuated with it. And attract the eye, it is more attention to attract the soul. Here, or dance, or sing, they love sincerely share beautiful voice with you. First to impress others, 1801Club music people uphold this, they are like a part of the crowd, in the most natural way to express music, and you resonate.
1801Club every staff, are sincere. Industrious but indefatigable cleaning, loyal guard, ready to pass you warm smile of welcome, or elegant dress bartender. Here, no stranger to, only returning to the familiar and moved.
Night, is lonely. Fortunately, there are a lot of good sound company, these sounds are invisible, but the sentence into the heart, heart moving. Different music, let different people have the same feelings and feel adorable. This is the magic power of music, this is the charm of Xiamen 1801Club. Let with a “dry” heart of the heart of us, in the midsummer night, encounter the cool Xiamen 1801Club!