Two children’s park will open today

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Two children’s park will open today

Longitudinal Xiangan Xiangan north and south of the road, like a green corridor, passing motorists, almost every day can find new changes in the landscape. Today, at a 14693.81 square meters of the urban trunk road and Xiang Fu Lu intersection on the northeast side of the land enough to attract the whole Xiamen children’s eyes.
Under the guidance of the beautiful Xiamen strategic planning, this morning, including Xiangfu children’s Park and Fang Shan children park, Xiangan District two children’s Park will uncover the mysterious veil. Xiamen this and a recreational good place, with the fragrance of the summer, with holiday blessing, extended his warm arms to the onslaught of the little guests.
The two children’s Park is Xiangan district government in 2016 one of the tangible things. And the district efforts to build this focus on livelihood projects, but also with their efforts to build a world-class business environment closely linked. Starting today, many of the details of the park, will allow people to truly experience the park construction for the people and build, for the people with the basic idea.
Careful layout
To create a common happy home for children
After a period of intense construction, Xiangan district two children’s park today will be officially opened. Have to say, it is Xiangan District Party committee, the district government Xiangan and Xiamen children send a holiday gift, is the area for parents and children to create close to nature, entertaining, to enlighten the mind of joy home.
According to reports, Xiangfu children’s Park is located in Xiangan Avenue and the intersection of the northeast side of road. Park children’s Recreation Square, garden landscape and municipal facilities has been completed at present construction, pirate ship, the next round, children’s slide, a bubble world, swing, fast climbing nets, dense cave exploration, jumping, happy shook the music, Xuandong rotating disk, a spring device, a rock climbing wall children’s recreational facilities readily available.
And Fang Shan children’s Park is located in Fang Shan North Road West, South adjacent to Jiayu English kindergarten, construction land area around 6585 square meters. The children come here, can be in many climbing equipment, exercise equipment, children’s bunker, through the instrument, scientific knowledge popularization pieces, small interesting building, to find fun.
Although not yet officially opened yesterday, the two children’s Park has been filled with a strong festive atmosphere. Today, with the official opening of the massage xiamen park, this piece of land full of innocence is bound to become a sea of joy. Especially Xiangfu Children Park ceremony area of interactive games, in addition to magic bowling game, also has a piano on the ground, the small friends available foot play rhymes, scamper about interpretation of the joy of music.